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Finding digital balance: How I broke free(er) from my tech addictions and how you can too

I instinctively knew my relationship with technology wasn’t healthy. I was feeling more distracted than ever and suspected that the way I was using technology was screwing me up. But what should I do? After all tech also offers incredible convenience, connection and possibilities for so many aspects of life, so I didn’t want to …continue


Stress, anxiety & meditation: what actually happens & some solutions

The sharp rise in stress & anxiety over recent years are two of the biggest reasons why meditation has become so much more popular in the West. People, me included, are simply looking for solutions that work. Stress responses (which I will now refer to as “stress” for the rest of this post) affect our sleep, focus, …continue


Creativity: 8 scientifically proven steps & where meditation fits in

For most of my life I thought we’re either creative or we’re not (and I wasn’t). A 10 year career in the most non-creative, corporate world imaginable followed… Later, when growing my 1st business I was still saying that I wasn’t creative — whilst regularly solving problem after problem. It didn’t click that just because something isn’t …continue


Does meditation improve our relationships, or is it just more self-serving pseudoscience?

Relationship (noun): the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other. In other words, how we relate to one another. I’ve met my fair share of experienced meditators who struggle to relate to anyone who’s not into the same things they’re into. Sorry, but it’s true. You know exactly what I mean, right? …continue


I started meditating because I just couldn’t sleep

When I was building my first business I would do 20–30 minutes of yoga whenever I finished work — 11pm, 1am, whatever time it was. I noticed that a good stretch helped me sleep like a rock because that time focused on just moving and breathing, and not on what was going on in my business and …continue


Can meditation tangibly help improve focus and attention?

Meditation is widely touted as having a wide (and seemingly ever widening!) range of benefits. At Meditation: Unlocked we explore the evidence base behind some of those claims. The focus of this piece is… focus! Let’s start with defining “meditation”. We often refer to meditation in the singular because it’s convenient to do so, but it’s actually …continue


Getting Started With Meditation

Anyone can benefit from meditation. It’s becoming increasingly popular with work hard, play hard city dwellers. I think that’s because of the rise of stress and anxiety in recent years that’s been attributed to the always-on, overstimulation fuelled smartphone and social media world we’ve created. Who’s it for? The author Tim Ferriss recently interviewed 140 high …continue