unlock your mental performance.

No crystals, no mumbo jumbo.

Just practical tools to improve your busy life (and the science behind them). 

 In an increasingly noisy and unpredictable world, we believe that learning how to optimise our brains and minds are the most useful life skills we could possibly develop. 

Join us on the journey? 
Mind: Unlocked co-founder Niraj Shah leading 1000 people in meditation on London's iconic Tower Bridge

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Discover the best meditation habits for your unique life.

Feel less stressed, sleep better and get more done.

We've developed the world’s only science-led online meditation programme that specifically helps you to discover, learn and integrate the meditation habits best suited to your unique life.

These 3 principles set us apart from every other meditation offering:

Follow The Science, 

Add Some Logic.

The science is rarely explained well. We don't just accept the overworked cliché of "studies have shown". We scrutinise their quality and distil the strongest findings into usable, practical meditation techniques that work in 2020. Then we add a healthy dose of logic, based on our ongoing years of experience and experiments. 

Practical First, 

Spiritual Later.

We meditate to sleep better, focus longer, be less stressed, improve our relationships and unlock our creativity. Our approach is designed for your busy mind and working life today, not for monks thousands of (or even a few) years ago. We meditate to get better at life, not to get better at meditation. Spiritual development is a welcome luxury, not the main goal. 

Meditation Is Unique,

Just Like You.

"Meditation" is an umbrella term, just like "exercise". There's no one-size-fits-all meditation style. The key to creating a meditation habit you'll stick to is discovering the best style for you; and personalising it to fit into your unique life. We help you do that. Our focus is not on meditating "right", but on what is right for you as an individual. No judgement - just results.

"We don't meditate to get better at meditation,

we meditate to get better at life."

Discovering and integrating the best meditation habit for you is a critical key to unlocking your mental resilience, sleeping better, turbo-charging your focus and more.

The science is solid and our results speak for themselves. 


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