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In an increasingly noisy, chaotic and unpredictable world, we believe that learning how to optimise your brain and mind are the most useful skills you could possibly develop as a pathway to becoming a stronger, smarter, more capable and more empowered human.

Our approach: No crystals, no mumbo jumbo. Just practical tools to improve your busy modern life (and the science behind them).

Niraj Shah and Jessica Warren, Mind Unlocked’s Co-Founders

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Niraj Shah, Co-Founder

A sudden, serious brain injury when aged just 30 forced Niraj to change his semi-committed interest in health into an ongoing obsession with learning about health, vitality and neuroscience. Whilst no specific cause was found, a high-pressure corporate career spanning nearly 10 years in London & Hong Kong combined with a “work hard, play hard, sleep later” attitude probably didn’t help.

Niraj was extremely fortunate to make a strong recovery and went on to start his first business. He has since advised or invested in a number of well-being and technology companies. During this time, meditation and other mental resilience and well-being habits became a regular part of his life.

Today Niraj is one of London’s most sought after meditation guides and mental well-being speakers. Since starting Mind: Unlocked he has developed science-led, highly practical, “no mumbo jumbo” approaches to meditation, mindfulness and digital balance, designed specifically to improve busy 21st century lives like his own.

Niraj also co-leads the European development of Silicon Valley’s Transformative Technology Lab, the largest global community for well-being technology designed to raise mental health, emotional well-being and human thriving.

He combines these interests with a love for travel, snowboarding and ongoing learning about human behaviour and how our minds work.

Jessica Warren, Co-Founder

All of the boxes of a high flying corporate career and external “success” were being ticked. Graduating from a top university, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at a prestigious global advisory firm, working in corporate finance, going on to run an investment network and advising high growth technology start-ups.

Then the major upheaval – and associated stress and anxiety – triggered by the breakdown of Jessica’s long term relationship meant she needed to find new reserves of mental resilience and deepen her exploration of what truly makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

This was a path she was already on. Having suffered from acute periods of low mood in her late teens, Jessica started paying attention to what made her feel better or worse, and through that pragmatic approach she started to take more control over how she felt.

She sought out more books and courses, started meditating and building other small regular habits that made a huge difference to how she felt. It totally changed her mindset and life. Friends started noticing the big change and began asking for advice on how they too could become more mentally resilient and get more out of life.

From there it was a logical step for Jessica to leave finance and join Mind: Unlocked. Jessica regularly writes and speaks about how we can improve our mindset to lead a more fulfilling life.

Sherezade Ruano, Clinical Advisor

Sherezade has been advising Mind: Unlocked from the very start, supporting us in taking an informed, responsible approach to mental health and medical conditions.

As an Arrhythmia Specialist Nurse at Imperial College NHS Trust, she has co-authored several studies in preventive medicine and cardiovascular research. Sherezade is also Founder and CEO of the RhythmiaBreath Method – the first multidisciplinary programme in the UK to offer the safety of mainstream medicine and the comfort of holistic practices for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease and mental health. RhythmiaBreath merges mind-body therapies and digital technology for the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease.

Passionate about the importance of mental wellbeing, stress and trauma in cardiac patients, Sherezade works closely with a team of world-renowned Mental Health specialists and Cardiologists rated by hundreds of patients and doctors as providing one of the top services in the UK.

Sherezade also runs a private practice as a Stress Management expert and Wellness Consultant in Central London. She has consulted for companies such as Coutts Bank, HCA Healthcare, Oasis and international health spas on implementing a culture of well-being for clients, employees and executives.

Read our Mental Health and Medical policy here. We currently do not offer treatment for clinically diagnosed conditions or offer medical advice.