An important note on meditation, mental health and medication

Mental health –  if you are  dealing with a mental health condition beyond what is considered to be typical urban life levels of stress, anxiety etc – such as PTSD or a clinically diagnosed mental health condition –  then generic non-specialist meditation may not be suitable for you and we strongly advise you to seek specialist guidance, which we currently do not offer. Please read NICE Guidelines: Common mental health problems identification and care. 

Meditation has been proven to help with a number of mental health and medical conditions, but this must be overseen and administered directly to you by a specialist. If you think this applies to you please seek specialist help via your doctor. Your local mental health charity may also be able to offer guidance. 

Medical – our M:U team, teachers, facilitators or ambassadors, do not diagnose, treat or offer advice for any medical or mental health conditions, and therefore we do not recommend any changes in medication or attitudes that could potentially worsen your condition.