The Mind: Unlocked Podcast

Exploring key, practical aspects of mental well-being and mindset with fascinating thought leaders and experts. 

We go deep with our guests to unlock their best insights and most useful ideas.

Covering topics like stress, sleep, mental performance and more, to give you real solutions and actionable strategies to improve your mental fitness today. 


Episode #10: Smart Drugs For Better Focus and Sleep with Damian Soong Hear the Co-Founder of Form Nutrition discuss the smart drugs that can help you to focus more and sleep better. We also cover the pros and cons of wearable health tracking technology, which specific nootropic Niraj takes with his morning coffee and the one to avoid to protect your long term sleep quality. As usual the conversation is stacked with practical tools and ideas around mental well-being, meditation and more. 

An experienced entrepreneur, Damian has always run, started and raised funds for businesses driven by social purpose. Men’s Health named him a Nutrition Maverick and Protein Pioneer. With Form he has brought a social conscience to a self-obsessed industry, positively impacting the lives of some of the most underprivileged communities in the world. 

Key topics: nutrition, vegan protein powder, nootropics, meditation, technology, entrepreneurship. 

Episode #9: Tactics to Transform Your Brain with Kayla Osterhoff

Hear a neuroscientist's overview of several lesser-known tactics to change the shape and capabilities of our brains today. We also delve into the difference between our brain and mind, why that matters, the third factor that's rarely talked about and Kayla's cornerstone lockdown health optimisation practices.

Kayla is a health scientist, professional athlete, entrepreneur, health optimization practitioner, and a global leader in integrative mind-body medicine. She is formally trained across the spectrum of health sciences with a bachelor of science in health ecology, master of science in public health, and currently pursuing her doctoral degree in neuropsychophysiology and biochemistry.

Key topics: biohacking, neuroscience, biometrics, brain vs mind, nootropics, neuroplasticity, subconscious mind, gratitude, psychedelics. 

Episode #8: How to Create Balance From Chaos with Adam Husler  Hear how Adam has consistently created balance from chaotic and unexpected situations. We explore the ancient system (not yoga) that helped him take massive action when faced with financial uncertainty during lockdown, how Uber drivers can help you become a better communicator, and exactly how yoga helps you to develop your mind.

Drawing from a variety of lives lived off the mat, Adam brings a unique perspective to those who seek more from yoga than making pretty shapes. He offers creative, effective and clearly-sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength; physically and mentally. 

Key topics: balance, yoga, meditation, stoicism, stoic philosophy, Buddhism, walking, mindfulness, Michael Stone, coffee, Uber.

Episode #7: How to Build A Healthy Brain with Kimberley Wilson 

Hear the author of "How To Build A Healthy Brain" reveal the direct relationship between food and our brain health, including which three nutrients we all need more of. 

We also explore what parents need to know, the surprising link between breakfast and personalities, and most importantly, why fried eggs matter.  

Kimberley Wilson is a Chartered Psychologist, author and visiting lecturer working in private practice in central London. She formerly led the therapy service at HMP & YOI Holloway, which at the time was Europe’s largest women’s prison (closed summer 2016).  Her book How to Build a Healthy Brain was published in March 2020.

Key topics: lockdown, therapy, brain health, brain nutrition, child poverty, child hunger, meditation, mindfulness, technology. 

Episode #6: How to Stay Productive and Happy Whilst Working From Home with Dan Clark  In this chat we dive into a busy tech CEO's rituals and practices for staying focused, productive and happy whilst working from home. 

We also delve into Brain.FM's cutting edge tech that changes the blood flow in your brain, and the of future healthcare tech (including what's coming faster than you might think!).

Dan Clark is a serial entrepreneur, traveler and the CEO of, an innovative technology company that helps you be more productive through the use of functional music created by composers and artificial intelligence.

Key topics: lockdown habits and practices, music for mental states, neuroscience, mindfulness, productivity, relaxing, sleep.

Episode #5: Talking Technology and Therapy with Dr Sheri Jacobson

In today’s episode we explore the evolving world of therapy. If you’re not interested in therapy (or you don’t think you are), you’ll still find this chat both useful and - dare we say it - possibly therapeutic ;). 

That’s because we talk to a successful entrepreneur about her well-being rituals, challenges around cancer - especially during lockdown -  and her journey from staring at spreadsheets to changing lives. 

Dr Sheri Jacobson is the CEO of Harley Therapy. She has been called the 'Mary Berry of Therapy’ for her dedication to the field of therapy, she is passionate about de-stigmatising mental health and therapeutic support and making it a positive mainstream topic. 

Key topics: therapy, psychotherapy, technology, lockdown, COVID-19 pandemic, chatbots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. 

Episode #4: Emotional Intelligence Meets Productivity with Connor Swenson

 During seven years at Google, Connor learned and taught some incredible mindfulness, emotional intelligence and productivity tools, tested and approved by highly sceptical Google engineers!

In this chat he shares how you can use the same systems and tools today. We discuss 'busy culture', technology and productivity, and their effects on our mental well-being. You will leave with plenty of new ideas and actionable strategies.

Connor is a speaker, facilitator, writer, and coach who helps teams develop focus, increase effectiveness, and ultimately sustain high performance; he shares that knowledge with businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

Key topics: productivity, getting things done, technology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Search Inside Yourself, Make Time

Episode #3: How To Think About Habit Change with Shahroo Izadi

In this episode, you'll hear author and behavioural change specialist Shahroo Izadi's top tips - influenced by the experience that she gained working in the addiction treatment field -on how to think about changing your habits in ways that will make the process both more enjoyable and more likely to succeed

You'll gain a better understanding of yourself, why we do what we do and most importantly a number of tools and ideas that you can implement immediately to make a difference in your life. 

Shahroo was named as one of Red Magazine's Smart Women of 2018 and selected for Marie Claire’s 2019 verified Power with Purpose List, and in November 2019 she was given the ‘Thought Leader of the Year’ Award at House of Lords

Key topics: habits, behavioural change, kindness, self-esteem. 

Episode #2: Biohacking Your Circadian Rhythm with Tim Gray

In the show you’ll hear Tim's journey from a 200 mile an hour business guy with health problems in his early thirties to completely upgrading and optimising his health through biohacking.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the biohacking approach, optimising sleep and circadian rhythm, and other topics. More importantly, you will leave with plenty of new ideas and actionable strategies.

Tim is widely known as the "UK's leading biohacker" and is the creator of the hugely successful Health Optimisation Summit. He advises many well-known influencers, doctors & specialists in the health and wellness space all over the world and is frequently in the mainstream media.

Key topics: biohacking, anxiety, sleep, intermittent fasting, circadian rhythm, grounding, earthing, gut health, functional medicine

Episode #1: Social Media and Comparison Culture with Tiffany Soi

In the show you’ll hear Tiffany's early experiences of being weighed every month by her athletic coaches as a young teenager, as she trained for the Olympics, whilst being singled out by her school friends as either too muscly and athletic, or her fellow athletes as too nerdy. 

We discuss social media, comparison culture and body image - all of which have profound effects on our mental well-being. Most importantly, we discuss several practical ideas and tools around how to navigate these areas and what we can do about it ultimately to feel better and stronger mentally.

Today Tiffany Soi is a TV & media presenter, yoga & wellbeing coach, and respected rock climbing athlete, who has also picked up a first class astrophysics degree.

Key topics: body image, comparison culture, technology and conscious consumption, the role of self image in mental well-being, how self validation works, how to use social media positively.

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