The Mind: Unlocked Podcast

Exploring key, practical aspects of mental well-being and mindset with fascinating thought leaders and experts. 

We go deep with our guests to unlock their best insights and most useful ideas.

Covering topics like stress, sleep, mental performance and more, to give you real solutions and actionable strategies to improve your mental fitness today. 

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Episode #2: Biohacking Your Circadian Rhythm with Tim Gray

In the show you’ll hear Tim's journey from a 200 mile an hour business guy with health problems in his early thirties to completely upgrading and optimising his health through biohacking.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the biohacking approach, optimising sleep and circadian rhythm, and other topics. More importantly, you will leave with plenty of new ideas and actionable strategies.

Tim is widely known as the "UK's leading biohacker" and is the creator of the hugely successful Health Optimisation Summit. He advises many well-known influencers, doctors & specialists in the health and wellness space all over the world and is frequently in the mainstream media.

Key topics: biohacking, anxiety, sleep, intermittent fasting, circadian rhythm, grounding, earthing, gut health, functionla medicine

Episode #1: Social Media and Comparison Culture with Tiffany Soi

In the show you’ll hear Tiffany's early experiences of being weighed every month by her athletic coaches as a young teenager, as she trained for the Olympics, whilst being singled out by her school friends as either too muscly and athletic, or her fellow athletes as too nerdy. 

We discuss social media, comparison culture and body image - all of which have profound effects on our mental well-being. Most importantly, we discuss several practical ideas and tools around how to navigate these areas and what we can do about it ultimately to feel better and stronger mentally.

Today Tiffany Soi is a TV & media presenter, yoga & wellbeing coach, and respected rock climbing athlete, who has also picked up a first class astrophysics degree.

Key topics: body image, comparison culture, technology and conscious consumption, the role of self image in mental well-being, how self validation works, how to use social media positively.