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We're all living increasingly noisy and unstructured lives in an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world.

We believe that learning how to optimise your brain and mind are the most useful skills you could possibly develop for today and the future. 

At a time when so many of our natural resources are being depleted, there is a powerful one waiting to be unleashed: the human mind.

We share practical tools, tactics and the latest science in this rapidly developing field. 

We don't claim to have all of the answers and we definitely aren't "always-serene" Zen masters floating on clouds, but we know that actively choosing to start optimising our brains, minds and mindsets is a statement of commitment to becoming stronger, smarter, more capable and more empowered humans.

 We are led by science and practicality, sharing tools and tactics designed to work for busy lives like yours and ours. 

Most importantly, we truly believe that our future health as a species and planet ultimately depends on the health and capabilities that we build for our minds, starting today, one person at a time. 

So grab a cup of coffee, herbal tea or (for the pros) your favourite brain elixir and join us! 

Join a rapidly growing tribe of folks just like you. 

Join a rapidly growing community of folks just like you for a regular dose of tools, tactics, science and ideas to upgrade, expand and optimise your brain and mind.

Niraj leads a sold out meditation session

A "standing room only" Mind: Unlocked session