May 30

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast – Episode #3: How to Think About Habit Change with Shahroo Izadi

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Episode #3 - Shahroo Izadi

Shahroo is Behavioural Change Specialist, speaker and author. Her approach is influenced by the experience that she gained working in the addiction treatment field. She has since been dedicated to highlighting what those in long-term recovery from substance misuse can teach the general population about motivation, self-compassion and self-awareness. She runs sell-out habit-change workshops and is regularly asked to speak publicly on behaviour change, mental health, addiction, self-esteem, motivation and wellbeing.

Her first book, The Kindness Method, was released in June 2018 and has so far been translated into 5 languages. She was named as one of Red Magazine's Smart Women of 2018 and selected for Marie Claire’s 2019 verified Power with Purpose List, and in November 2019 she was given the ‘Thought Leader of the Year’ Award at House of Lords. Her second book, The Last Diet was published in the UK in 2019 and USA in 2020.

Order The Kindness Method or The Last Diet.

Contact Shahroo

Website:, Twitter: @shahrooizadi, Instagram: @shahroo_izadi, Linkedin: Shahroo Izadi

Show Notes

02:40 - Why is it so hard to change behaviour when we know we want to change it? Working through an example with Niraj as the guinea pig, we get deep into tactics quite quickly. 

09:25 - We discuss where specifically to start when it comes to habit changes.

12:04 - Are public declarations of intent for accountability useful?

14:14 - How we treat ourselves and those close to us, and how that affects everything.

17:43 - is kindness also weakness? Does being kind to yourself mean letting yourself do the easy thing?

21:45 - optimising our mindset around behavioural change and the powerful role of identity. 

26:09 - Shahroo's first big habit change and when the penny dropped for her.

29:10 - we start talking about Shahroo's books The Kindness Method and The Last Diet, and the difference between them. 

35:02 - we get into what's surprised Shahroo the most about the impact of her books. 

37:33 - common myths about behavioural change. 

44:41 - Shahroo's favourite resources that have helped her along the way.

Key topics: habits, behavioural change, kindness, self-esteem, 


Contact Shahroo -, Twitter: @shahrooizadi, Instagram: @shahroo_izadi, Linkedin: Shahroo Izadi.

Order Shahroo's book's The Kindness Method or The Last Diet.

Other resources that we mentioned:

Public Health England's free "Routes to Recovery" e-books:

Books by Dr Gabor Mate:

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