July 17

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast – Episode #8: How to Create Balance From Chaos with Adam Husler

BY Mind: Unlocked


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Episode #8 -  with Adam Husler

Hear how Adam has consistently created balance from chaotic and unexpected situations. We explore the ancient system (not yoga) that helped him take massive action when faced with financial uncertainty during lockdown, how Uber drivers can help you become a better communicator, and exactly how yoga helps you to develop your mind.

Drawing from a variety of lives lived off the mat, Adam brings a unique perspective to those who seek more from yoga than making pretty shapes. He offers creative, effective and clearly-sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength; physically and mentally. Educated by globally renown teachers, including Jason Crandell and Michael Stone, Adam specialises in a signature style of Alignment-Based Vinyasa— fuelled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to ask ‘why?’ Adam leads workshops, trainings and teaches festivals around the world, has thousands of teaching hours under his belt.

You can find his work and more at www.adamhusler.com and as a duo, Adam and his wife Holly Husler have an online platform, delivering; yoga, meditations and sound journeys on demand at www.thehuslers.com.

Show Notes

03:24 - We kick off talking about how lockdown suddenly forced Adam to rapidly get on with a project by turning it from a "should" into an "absolutely must", and what unexpectedly reminded him to live in the moment a little bit more.

08:02 - the ancient practice that made Adam react with huge action in the face of financial crisis during lockdown.

13:34 - the well-being rituals Adam's lost in lockdown and the one new thing he does every day without fail to look after his mental well-being, and his current morning routine. 

19:11 - why we both limit our coffee intake after certain times DESPITE the fact that it doesn't stop either of us sleeping.  

23:15 - Adam's story: falling into university, boxing, charity work, how he discovered yoga, running a bar and perhaps where his love affair of long walks started.

30:10 - why it's in your own best interests to arrive early to every yoga class (from Niraj, not Adam!)

32:55 - The link between yoga and mental well-being, and what a yoga practice in its simplest form is.

39:35 - Adam and meditation: working through deep adversity and the mental effects of regular meditation. 

43:03 - growth, contentment, fulfilment, happiness and fun. Does changing your benchmark for what makes you happy change your happiness? Adam then quotes Shakespeare to illustrate a point, which is also the core philosophy that has most impacted Niraj's life. 

55:21 - how Adam manage's his use of technology, particularly his habits with his phone, and we stumble upon a key productivity app that is on Niraj's home screen. Adam also talks about the minimalism challenge he's just started. 

63:24 - What mental well-being means to Adam and his top mental well-being tip.

Key topics: balance, yoga, meditation, stoicism, stoic philosophy, Buddhism, walking, mindfulness, Michael Stone, coffee, Uber.


You can find Adam's work and more at www.adamhusler.com and as a duo, Adam and his wife Holly Husler have an online platform, delivering; yoga, meditations and sound journeys on demand at www.thehuslers.com.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - the book that got Adam started on Stoic philosophy. 

Manta sleep mask - the mask that travels everywhere with me. 

Time and How to Spend It by James Wallman.

Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky.

 A Guide To The Good Life - William Irvine.

Freedom productivity app.

Deep Work - Cal Newport.

Niraj's episode being interviewed on Honestly Unbalanced, Adam's podcast.

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