August 7

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast – Episode #10: Smart Drugs For Better Focus & Sleep with Damian Soong

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Episode #10 -  with Damian Soong

Hear the Co-Founder of leading vegan protein powder brand Form Nutrition discuss the smart drugs that can help you to focus more and sleep better. We also cover the pros and cons of wearable health tracking technology, which specific nootropic Niraj takes with his morning coffee and the one to avoid to protect your long term sleep quality. As usual the conversation is stacked with practical tools and ideas around mental well-being, meditation and more. 

An experienced MBA educated entrepreneur, Damian has always run, started and raised funds for businesses driven by social purpose. Men’s Health named him a Nutrition Maverick and Protein Pioneer. With Form he has brought a social conscience to a self-obsessed industry, positively impacting the lives of some of the most underprivileged communities in the world. Outside of work you'll find him at the gym, on Peloton or out on a real bike.

Show Notes

03:51 - How lockdown has been for Damian and the book that's snapping him out of autopilot when talking with others.

08:48 - A brief tour of Damian's background and how he built Form Nutrition as a holistic, socially conscious brand in a crowded marketplace (including some smart launch tactics). 

17:14 - We discuss Form's nootropics: the pills that can help with your mental performance. 

21.30 - More coffee discussion! The nootropic Niraj pairs with his coffee and why we limit our caffeine intake past certain times, despite low sensitivity to it & more.

23:29 - Why you should be wary of studies and how to interpret them.

27:08 - Nootropics for sleep and which one you should generally avoid.

30:16 - The pros and cons of sleep tracking technology, and the one thing you should be doing if you're using any wearable.

37:07 - Damian's meditation practice & busting a major myth about meditation that falsely stops people getting started. 

46:08 - Tips on how to unplug from technology from two guys who were once tethered to their Blackberries!

51:03 - What mental well-being means to Damian and his top mental health tip. 

Key topics: Nutrition, vegan protein powder, nootropics, meditation, technology, entrepreneurship. 


Form Nutrition's vegan protein powders and nootropics can be found at

Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett PhD

Oura - Niraj & Damian's preferred sleep tracking wearable. 

Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker.

Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport. 

*DISCLAIMER: Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard on our podcast or seen on our website. Please see our Mental Health and Medical Policy here.

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