June 13

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast -Episode #5: Talking Technology and Therapy with Dr Sheri Jacobson

BY Mind: Unlocked


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Episode #5 - Dr Sheri Jacobson

Sheri is a retired senior therapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, after being accredited for 16 years. During that time she worked for MIND, MENCAP, a women's centre, an alcohol advice centre, the NHS, and with private clients.

She established Harley Therapy in 2006 with the goal of providing first-rate therapy services by carefully vetted practitioners, as well as compiling educational resources for those who cannot access these services. Sheri oversees the hand-selection of highly skilled, warm and engaging practitioners to work from Harley Therapy's rooms in central London, as well as the Harley Therapy Platform - a network of therapists across the UK with fees from as low at £25 per session. 

Called the 'Mary Berry of Therapy’ for her dedication to the field of therapy, Sheri is passionate about de-stigmatising mental health and therapeutic support and making it a positive mainstream topic. 

Show Notes

We kick off talking about the pandemic, it's effect on both of our lives and how our personal health crises prepared us for it better. 

08:43 - Sheri's story: a very brief spell in investment banking to psychotherapy training and working with charities like Mind and MENCAP, before setting up Harley Therapy and the Harley Therapy online platform. 

12:42 - A discussion on technology and therapy, artificial intelligence, chatbots, e-therapy and digital therapeutics. 

26:56 - why does therapy work? Sheri's perspective.

28:55 - We discuss the similarities between therapy and meditation, and why they've come to the fore in recent years.

30:12 - What stops people from trying therapy? 

33:06 - Lifting the veil: what happens in a therapy session? 

38:03 - Why is Sheri still in therapy herself after all of her knowledge and all of these years?

44:40 - Sheri's top personal mental well-being tips and practices outside of therapy

Key topics: therapy, psychotherapy, technology, lockdown, COVID-19 pandemic, chatbots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. 


HarleyTherapy.com - get 20% off your first session when you use the code MU20 at checkout. 

OxfordVR - pioneer in using virtual reality to treat phobias. 

Silicon Valley's Transformative Technology Lab - Niraj is their Co-Chair for Europe. 

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