May 14

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast – Episode #1: Social Media and Comparison Culture With Tiffany Soi

BY Mind: Unlocked


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Episode #1 - Tiffany Soi

In the first episode of Mind: Unlocked's new podcast, where we discuss practical mental well-being with leading thinkers and experts, we chat with Tiffany Soi.

Tiffany has been described as a modern Renaissance woman: she is a TV & Media presenter, yoga & wellbeing coach, and athlete, who somewhere along the way also picked up a first class astrophysics degree! Blending grit & grace into everything she does, Tiffany is a respected rock climbing athlete, the creator of the ClimbFlow Fit-Yoga Movement, and has hosted two original wellness shows for NBC.

Contact Tiffany on Instagram, YouTube and via her website

Show Notes

In the show you’ll hear Tiffany's early experiences as a young teenager of being weighed every month by her athletic coaches as she trained for the Olympics, whilst being singled out by her school friends as either too muscly and athletic, or her fellow athletes as too nerdy.

03.22 - Tiffany’s conflict between education and training for the Olympics.

08.53 - Body image, being singled out and labelled.

10:24 - Understanding where opinions come from.

12:66 - Social media comparison culture and body image; and what to do about it.

16:20 - Your diet is not just what you eat. 

18:33 - Switching off from technology sometimes. 

22.59- We talk about behavioural change and mentioned future podcast guest Shahroo Izadi

24.44 - Assessing our relationship with technology. 

27.58 - Meditation and mental well-being.

31.13 - How self validation really works.

33.17  how to use social media positively. 

34.40 - Tiffany’s practical mental well-being exercises.

Key topics: body image, comparison culture, technology and conscious consumption, the role of self image in mental well-being, how self validation works, how to use social media positively.


Contact Tiffany on InstagramYouTube - where you will find lots of free resources and workouts - and via her website

We mentioned James Clear's book Atomic Habits for behavioural change, and future podcast guest Shahroo Izadi on the same topic. 

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