December 10

Podcast #13: How to Beat the Winter Blues with Hannah Beecham

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Episode #13 -  How to Beat the Winter Blues with Hannah Beecham, Founder & CEO of RED Together

Today's chat is all about how to get more active and beat the winter blues.

We explore the link between movement and mental health, how you might be able to help others around you on their movement journey or mental health journey, and how to become part of a growing international community to help raise your commitment and to get some support.

For wellness entrepreneurs, we also delve into why the health and wellness opportunity is still in its infancy and the pros and cons of incorporating technology like apps or Facebook groups into your business.

Inspired by the powerful transformative effects that physical activity had on her mum's mental health Hannah Beecham founded RED January.

RED January is a UK based international movement that's empowering people to get active every day during January to beat the blues away. Over the last five years, RED January has empowered 155,000 people to embrace physical activity, to improve their own mental health and raised over £2.7 million for mental health charities!

Hannah has also created RED Together to help people keep the momentum and growth going all year round, not just in the winter. We hope you enjoy today's episode! 

Show Notes & Resources

02:34 - A new habit that's boosted Hannah's work productivity and overall well-being.

03:52 - The top-level link between movement and our mental health.

07:57- How severe depression inspired the start of the RED January movement.

15:08 - 5 years, 155,000 participants and £2.7m for mental health charities! 

21:29 - What every wellness entrepreneur needs to remember.

24:51 - Some pros and cons of incorporating technology in your wellness solution (and life). 

29:23 - Why movement is now more important than ever.

30:32 - Why do we set such unrealistic goals and what's a better way of doing it? 

39:32- A recap of the mental health benefits of movement and some of the findings of RED January's recent partnership with the University of Oxford.

43:38 - Hannah's experiences of meditation to date.

47:55 - How Hannah manage her use of technology and some excellent tips in this area.

54:38 - Hannah's top mental health tip.

Key topics: movement for mental health, RED January, RED Together, goals, habits, getting started with movement. 

Resources mentioned

RED January and RED Together - go here to get involved in the movement. 

Lumie - how Hannah wakes up in the morning (and highly recommended).

Episode 2: Biohacking Your Cicradian Rhythm with Tim Gray.

Episode 3: How to Think About Habit Change with Shahroo Izadi.

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