November 20

Podcast #12: Wtf exactly is mindful drinking?And how to change your alcohol habits with guest interviewer Dru Jaeger from Club Soda

BY Mind: Unlocked


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Episode #12 -  Mindful Drinking and Changing Your Alcohol Habits with guest interviewer Dru Jaeger, Co-Founder of Club Soda

The tables are turned and Mind: Unlocked co-founder Niraj was interviewed about his drinking habits (yes, there is still alcohol involved), mindful drinking, how alcohol affects our brain - apart from the obvious!

This conversation was recorded in person in early 2020 before the covid-19 pandemic. If anything, it's even more relevant now.

Dru and Niraj discuss how we can change our relationship to alcohol so that we are each happier with it whether that's as a drinker, non-drinker or somewhere in between. 

Club Soda is the leading mindful drinking movement and we are humbled to call them friends. Today's guest interviewer is Dru Jaeger, co-founder of Club Soda and mindful drinker (obviously!)

Check out their stellar work here:

Another person we really rate in the low and no alcohol / mindful drinking arena is Camille Vidal, whose platform for conscious alcohol consumption is La Maison Wellness.

Show Notes & Resources

02:36 - A whistle-stop tour of the Mind: Unlocked story (because Dru asked!).

05:24 - What is Club Soda and the difference between meditation and mindfulness. 

08:37 - Dru talks about mindfulness and alcohol. 

09:26 - How meditation can boost mindful drinking. 

12:07 - Dru talks about what successful alcohol moderation looks like.

13:50 - Niraj's changing relationship with alcohol. 

19:01 - Digital balance, habit change, tools and tactics.

Key topics: mindful drinking, mindfulness, alcohol, habits & habit change, meditation, digital balance. 

Resources mentioned:

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