June 27

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast -Episode #6: How to Stay Productive and Happy Whilst Working From Home with Dan Clark

BY Mind: Unlocked


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Episode #6 - Dan Clark

In this chat we dive into a busy tech CEO's rituals and practices for staying focused, productive and happy whilst working from home. We also delve into Brain.FM's cutting edge tech that changes the blood flow in your brain, and the of future healthcare tech (including what's coming faster than you might think!).

As usual the conversation is littered with practical tools and ideas on what we can do to right now to feel better, live more fully and develop our mental muscles, so that we're ready for all the chaos and beauty of modern life.

Dan Clark is a serial entrepreneur, traveler and the CEO of Brain.fm, an innovative technology company that helps you be more productive through the use of functional music created by composers and artificial intelligence.

Dan has been in love with technology- and its potential to positively impact the world- for as long as he can remember. From building websites when he was 13, starting a design and advertising business at 18 and driving millions in revenue for multinational brands as a director for a boutique ad agency, he has truly been at the forefront of how technology can exponentially grow successful businesses.

He was one of Brain.fm's first users, and he called the company 12 times before they agreed to bring him in for an interview! When he did receive an offer, he jumped at it (even working for free for the first few weeks). He eventually moved up to Head of Technology, and is now the CEO. As CEO, Dan is constantly striving to build a company that can not only change the world through music, but also be one of the best companies for people to work for and grow with.

Dan has visited over 20 countries and stepped foot on all 7 continents.

Show Notes

We kick off talking about the pandemic, and what Dan has been doing to look after his mental well-being during lockdown.

09:22 - we start talking about Brain.fm - what it is, how it works. The discussion also covers binaural beats, psychological responses and whether placebos are still valid. 

14:08 - We explore the science behind Brain.fm and the Brain.fm story.

17:16 -  A deeper dive into Brain.fm's pioneering work in healthcare and medicine.

21:40 - we discuss combining transformative technology models, for example virtual reality for pain management. 

23:19 - interesting uses of brain.FM during the pandemic, including some things you might not expect (but will want to use!).

31:16 - we discuss technology, my number one mental well-being tip during COVID,  habit change and productivity tips. We go deep into the habit change side! 

41:58 - What excites Dan about where Brain.fm is going next and combining with biometrics.

Key topics: lockdown habits and practices, music for mental states, neuroscience, phase locking, productivity, relax, sleep.


Brain.fm- music for mental states - Your first 5 sessions are free so you have a no risk trial. You’ll also get 20% off if you sign up at this link or use the code "MindUnlocked" at checkout.

Habit change books: Atomic Habits by James Clear and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Silicon Valley's Transformative Technology Lab - Niraj is their Co-Chair for Europe. 

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