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The Mind: Unlocked Podcast – Episode #7: How to Build A Healthy Brain with Kimberley Wilson

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Episode #7 - How to Build a Healthy Brain with Kimberley Wilson

Today’s chat is about brain health and the relatively unknown relationship between nutrition and brain health - in other words, how what we eat can affect how we feel emotionally, and how our brain performs. 

It’s also essential listening for parents because we go into an incredibly interesting section on the nutritional needs of children’s brains and how that’s linked to current and future behaviour patterns or what we might consider to be personality traits. 

Kimberley Wilson is a Chartered Psychologist, author and visiting lecturer working in private practice in central London. A Governor of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Mental Health Trust and the former Chair of the British Psychological Society's Training Committee in Counselling Psychology - the group responsible for monitoring and assessing the standards of Counselling Psychology training across the UK. She formerly led the therapy service at HMP & YOI Holloway, which at the time was Europe’s largest women’s prison (closed summer 2016).  Her book How to Build a Healthy Brain was published in March 2016.

Show Notes

We kick off talking about how lockdown has been for Kimberley, how the shock was buffered, and transitioning her clinics from face-to-face to virtual whilst working through the situation. 

07:13 - What's the weirdest thing she’s put a fried egg on? A highly important discussion on optimal egg cooking techniques ensues ;).

09:06 - Kimberley's story - how she came to be involved in psychology and mental health.

11.37 - What Kimberely learned in her time leading the therapy service at Europe's largest women's prison.

16:11 - Kimberley's time on The Great British Bake Off, why more people should enter competitions and how it's relevant to everyday life. 

22:34 - Food and mental health. What's the link and why does it matter?

26:45 - What are the go to foods to include and to avoid? 

35:52 - Why certain nutrients are absolutely essential for children and how our public systems are failing us on that. We go into an eye opening exploration of child hunger in the UK and how that directly affects behavioural outcomes and opportunities,

49:27 - we talk about why our chat got so political AND why that matters.

50:54 - What's surprised Kimberley the most about the reaction to her recent book "How to Build a Healthy Brain"?

52:46 - Does meditation play a role in Kimberley's life? How does she manage technology?

1:04:52  - What mental well-being means to Kimberley and her top mental well-being tip.

Key topics: lockdown, therapy, brain health, brain nutrition, child poverty, child hunger, meditation, mindfulness, technology. 


Contact Kimberley - www.kimberleywilson.co and on Instagram @foodandpsych 

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