June 6

The Mind: Unlocked Podcast -Episode #4: Emotional Intelligence Meets Productivity with Connor Swenson

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Episode #4 - Connor Swenson

Connor is a Speaker, Facilitator, Writer, and Coach who helps teams develop focus, increase effectiveness, and ultimately sustain high performance. Drawing on 7 years of experience at Google, where he taught internal programs on productivity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, he now shares that knowledge with businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. He believes we need to rethink our definition of productivity to create happier and healthier organisations.

He previously managed partnerships for Google for Startups in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Additionally, he ran marketing for Campus London, Google’s space for startups in East London. He has held various partnerships, marketing, and operations roles at Google in San Francisco, New York, and London and also helped found Silicon North Stars, a non-profit that inspires and educates future leaders in technology.

 In addition, Connor is a Meditation Teacher & Community Leader at Just Breathe, an organisation dedicated to bringing modern mindfulness to the world.

Website: connorswenson.com, Newsletter: connorswenson.com/newsletter, Twitter: @crswenny, LinkedIn: profile, Email: [email protected]

Show Notes

During seven years at Google, Connor learned and taught some incredible mindfulness, emotional intelligence and productivity tools, tested and approved by highly sceptical Google engineers! In this chat he shares how you can use the same systems and tools today. We discuss 'busy culture', technology and productivity, and their effects on our mental well-being. 

02:44 - Connor's life at Google 

07:54 - the chaotic world of startups (VUCA)

12:03 - practical exercises to help you with overwhelm

16:46 - we talk about memento mori, death meditation, writing your own eulogy and visualisation

23:33 - Search Inside Yourself - Google's mindfulness program - and some exercises from it 

34:57 - Make Time - how to do the work that actually moves the needle instead of being a busy fool

46:30 - Our unusual technology habits and why Connor is not on Instagram

Key topics: productivity, getting things done, technology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Search Inside Yourself, Make Time


Connect with Connor -Website: connorswenson.com, Newsletter: connorswenson.com/newsletter, Twitter: @crswenny, LinkedIn: profile, Email: [email protected]

Roz Savage - the first and only woman to sail solo across the world's "big three" Oceans. 

Emotional Intelligence book by Daniel Goleman.

Search Inside Yourself book by Chade-Meng Tan.

Make Time - www.maketime.blog.

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