Discover the best meditation habits for your unique life.

Meditation: Unlocked© is the world’s only science-led online meditation programme that specifically helps you  discover, learn and integrate the meditation habits best suited to your unique life.

Designed for the busiest schedules, it takes just 15 minutes a day, over 15 days. 

Science-led. Practical. Personal.


Before we tell you all about this life-changing programme, let’s talk about who it's really for...

You want to perform better at work and play, sleep deeper, be more focused and to understand your brain and mind, without spending hours, days and weeks on trial-and-error solutions.

Whether you...

  • Have tried meditation apps or classes, but (understandably) still don’t feel confident to meditate by yourself, know if you’re really meditating right or what the best meditation habits are for your unique life (hint: different meditation styles work better for different people!). 
  • Are turned off by “mumbo jumbo” woo woo meditation, and want to get straight to solid science and practicality, so that you can start feeling the benefits like better sleep and less stress ASAP, and know why and how it works.
  • Meditate on and off and want to deepen your understanding of different meditation styles and the science behind them, to feel more confident by yourself and with your yoga students or health coaching clients.

You’re in the right place and we’re going to tell you exactly how we'll give you the science, tools and support that've been missing on your journey to once-and-for-all discover, learn and integrate the best meditation habits for you and your unique life.  

A few folks We've worked with & been featured by*:

*we need to add quite a few more when we get round to it! Like Cosmopolitan, Wanderlust, The Mayor of London, State Street Bank, Welltodo, Seedlip Drinks and others.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Have learned how you should meditate, with skills that are yours to keep forever (instead of being tethered to apps with endless subscriptions).
  • Be more present, energetic and focused whilst at work, working from home or when you're with your loved ones.
  • Be able to “switch off” and fall asleep more easily (as well as getting deeper, better quality sleep).
  • Be more mindful instead of getting stuck in negative thought loops (or those dreaded negative scrolling loops!).
  • Know if you’re meditating correctly, and feel confident to continue meditating without needing to buy even more apps, courses or classes.
  • Have been guided in 7 different meditation styles and started integrating your favourite(s) into your life.
  • Understand the science behind how specific meditation styles change your brain and develop your mind.
  • Know how meditation can improve your athletic performance.
  • Have learned how to build and develop your own meditation habit, and be able to apply your new habit forming skills to any area of your life.
  • Have 17 different guided meditations to download and use forever. 

Designed for the busiest schedules, it takes just 15 minutes a day, over 15 days.

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$597.00 $247.00


A few more words from our amazing alumni 

"I used to find making room for meditation challenging - even as an experienced meditator. I have meditation apps, but this course stands in a different sphere... it makes the practice relatable, accessible, POSSIBLE for everyone (even the skeptical) within a realistic daily time frame."

Tiffany Soi.

Presenter & Wellness Coach, UK

"Since taking this course, I have stopped looking at my phone first thing in the morning, I’ve been sleeping like a baby, and have got more work done in the last two weeks than ever before. My son even said I have stopped getting frustrated with him!"

Hiten Thakrar.

Tech Entrepreneur, Australia.

I previously tried Headspace, but this course is a world-away better! I would absolutely recommend, it is worth a lot when it changes the way you approach life. Meditation can make you feel less worried about almost any situation, improve your focus and make you more measured - it doesn't have to be “woo woo”".

Sue Haddleston.

Project Manager, UK.

"As a busy mum, I feel calmer and more focused because I’m getting the self-care my mind needs. I also use my phone less and my sleep routine has improved. Before this course, I tried various other meditation methods, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, and thought I didn’t have time for a regular practice. This unique course is a complete beginners guide."

Nina Dhanani.

Optometrist, UK. 

So, What's Included?

This course is designed to take as little as 15 days, with just 15 minutes per day needed

You can access it all from your phone, computer and tablet.



We know exactly where most folks get stuck with meditation (and why many meditation systems unintentionally make it challenging).

In this module we crush the barriers that have stopped you getting started or prevented you from building momentum before.  

We get going with guided meditation straight away.

Each session has condensed theory (to read or listen to), followed by a short guided meditation that's easy to follow along, building your skills day by day. 

 In just 5 sessions (of less than 15 minutes each) you'll know exactly how to set up your space, how to sit, how to direct your mind and which wrong advice you can now safely ignore because now you will KNOW that you're doing it right. 

Mind Unlocked online


The science-led benefits

With a solid foundation built, we bring the science to life. 

In these 5 sessions you will experience a range of different meditation styles, so that you can feel first-hand just how diverse meditating can be.

Some of them may surprise you, but all of them are backed by specific evidence-bases (that are cited, just in case you want to check them out yourself!).

All the while we'll be stacking your new habits, layering more information in an easy to learn way and you'll be noticing the benefits more and more



Now it gets juicy!

Flow states, meditation for athletes (and weekend warriors), meditation vs mindfulness, moving meditations (which is different from a meditation that moves you ;)), the science of habit development and more. 

These 5 sessions are designed to help you embed your habit, deepen your understanding, design how meditation will fit into your unique life and some ideas on what happens next (after we've said our tearful goodbyes).

When you enroll, you'll get:

(A $597+ Value Package)

  • 15 carefully crafted audio & written sessions teaching you EVERYTHING you really need to know about how to effortlessly develop your own regular meditation habit that's built to last. 
  • 15 corresponding bespoke guided meditations to follow along, each specifically created to bring it's corresponding session's theory to life so that you experience it in real time.
  • All organised into our simple 3 Phase System that's been designed to carefully layer your knowledge, habits and patterns day by day without overwhelming you. 

To start getting the life-changing benefits immediately, you literally just need to turn up and press play!

  • Your own set of 17 different downloadable guided meditations to keep and use forever, whenever!
  • Extra bonus meditations from our hand-picked guest teachers, to broaden your experience.
  • Worksheets, cheat sheets, habit trackers and other downloadable PDFs.
  • 3 months unlimited access to all of the material to refer to at your leisure, and new knowledge and habits that are yours for life.
  • Optional quizzes to compound your key learnings.
  • Burning meditation FAQs answered and recommended further reading. 
  • Discussion boards for your like-minded coursemate community. 
  • A course completion certificate to celebrate your progress. 
  • Our risk free no-quibble 100% money-back guarantee.

You'll be given access to a new Phase every 5 days so that you have time to dive into the topic and do the corresponding guided meditations BEFORE the moving onto the next Phase. 

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus whilst sparing you from the overwhelm that stops most would-be meditators in their tracks.

Enroll in MEDITATION: UNLOCKED® online today


$597.00 $247.00

Plus, You'll Be Backed By A Risk Free 30-Day Guarantee.

We'll say this upfront.

Meditation: Unlocked© is the most comprehensive, step by step science-led meditation program for busy folks who are COMMITTED to once and for all making meditation a normal habit in their life.

Now here's the kicker...

Long before we get to 30 days you will have received access to the whole program and had lots of time to go through it all at your own pace. Meaning you will have had the opportunity to validate what we teach BEFORE making a final commitment. Sound fair?

If you don't feel confident to meditate or that you still don't understand how to build your meditation habit, simply reach out to [email protected] and we'll refund you 100%, no worries. 

And - for the eagle-eyed - yes we're fully aware that this means someone could do the whole course, save all of the downloads and then ask for their money back*. We're THAT confident in the value packed in this course and I guess when folks have life-changing results they just don't think like that. 

*If your situation means that the course price is just too high for you, BUT you're committed to making it work, email hello at mindunlocked dot co and we'll try to work out a lower priced offer for you. We don't want price to be the barrier (but we do have to keep the lights on over here!).

Enroll in MEDITATION: UNLOCKED® online today


$597.00 $247.00

Burning Q's your fellow meditators have asked before grabbing their access...

How is this course different?

In just 15 minutes a day you will have: started meditating every day; overcome the main stumbling blocks that apps don’t guide you through; a comprehensive understanding and experience of a few different styles of meditation and their specific practical benefits; and be guided through how to put it all together to effortlessly design your personal way of practicing meditation and mindfulness to specifically suit your lifestyle. 

And of course, everything is underpinned by the Mind: Unlocked science-based, no mumbo jumbo, practical style of sharing. We’ve scoured the market of meditation courses and not seen anything else quite like this. That's why we built it!

What style of meditation is it?

 This is where we're really different. We don't adhere to one style. We'll introduce a number of styles and highlight their main research-backed benefits, so you get to experience a range of meditative practices, understand what they're good for and choose what works for you. 

I’ve tried meditating before but thoughts kept coming up in my head. Is that normal or can I just not meditate?

Often we think meditating requires us to "clear our minds" or "stop our thoughts" when that's not the case. It's very normal for thoughts to keep coming up during meditation, especially when just starting out. We'll help you to break this barrier and are confident that you will discover meditative techniques that work for you.

I could subscribe to a glossy meditation app for less (initial) money...

I’m going to be very blunt and also let you in on a little secret. 

There’s some huge meditation apps out there and they definitely help a ton of people. In that sense we’re glad they exist. But here’s the (blunt) thing…

They have no incentive to teach you how to meditate without them. Their venture capital backed business models are optimised to make money through recurring monthly subscriptions. Think about it for a minute? Their strongest incentive is to keep you subscribed and paying, not to set you free.

Now, here’s the secret - a LOT of Meditation: Unlocked members started on big meditation apps. A lot of them initially made progress. Until they didn’t. And they realised there were huge gaps in their learning. That’s why they come to us, and that’s why they say things like “better than Headspace” and “more variety than Calm”. 

Our model is “pay once, keep the knowledge forever”. Try it yourself and see.

How is it delivered?

You will receive 15 core modules, carefully designed to layer your learning so it's easy to follow. Each module contains a few minutes of audio covering that day's core concepts, a new fully guided meditation (yes, for each module!) relevant to that module's learnings and a written summary. We may have one or two surprise bonuses too!

Even if you can’t start immediately, or if you need to take things slow, that’s just fine. You can start when you want, take as long as you want, and repeat the program as many times as you want as you'll have 6 months access.

Do I have to do it in 15 days?

In a word... no! This is a fully-flexible program that you can go through at your own pace.

We recommend 15 days because that creates and builds momentum and it's easy to do in just 15 minutes a day. Why wait to start reaping the benefits?

That said, lots of students have done e.g. one Phase (of 5 daily modules each) per week to make it a 3 week / 21 day program. 

We know that some days life gets in the way, so you'll get a full 3 (three) months of access to the course - giving you flexibility and so you can revisit any material you want to. 

Additionally, all 17 guided meditations are downloadable for you to keep forever, as well as a number of worksheets.

Can I download the meditations?

All of the key meditations are downloadable, so that you can keep and use them forever, long after you've developed your own meditation habit. In total you can download 17 different meditations!

What if I just don't like it?

If, for any reason, you're not happy with your purchase, simply email us at [email protected] within 30 days, and we'll give you all of your money back. 

Still "thinking about it"?

You should give MEDITATION: UNLOCKED® a 30 day risk-free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

You want your peace of mind and ability to perform back... like... really badly.

Whether it's a super demanding 9-6, the stress of building a business or trying to juggle work, kids and all of life's demands you're aware that you haven't fully explored the mental techniques available to navigate today's uncertain world. 

Furthermore, you know you don't want to spend the rest of your life flirting with burnout - whilst chanting the omnipresent mantra "I don't have time”- when just a little regular meditation (and knowing what you are doing) could completely change your life's trajectory.

That's why you're motivated to invest just 15 minutes a day for 15 short days to really understand the simplicity of how meditation can work for your unique life, and build a new habit with recognisable, science-led, practical outcomes like lower stress, better sleep, more focus, stronger relationships and more.

I personally cannot wait to guide you through this course..

Ready to guide some meditation 🙂

Niraj and Jessica, co-founders, Mind :Unlocked

Alongside Mind: Unlocked's co-founder Jessica Warren

I personally cannot wait to guide you through this course..

Meditation has literally transformed my life.

As it has for Jessica Warren, whose voice and guidance you'll also hear. We've experienced first hand what's it like to go from frantic, full on busy lives to feeling less stressed, more focused and happier without having to become monks, find a cave in Tibet or reduce the "busyness" (read: fullness) of our lives.

We've had high-pressure careers and today are business builders. In fact, we thrive on the energy, creativity and freedom that entrepreneurship can bring, and  find meditating regularly significantly reduces the inevitable stress, uncertainty and (much rarer) sleepless nights. Equally importantly, it increases our abilities to focus, perform and create. 

Nailing our individual, personal meditation habits - after hundreds of hours of trial and error - was key to that. And because I'm naturally a little bit (ok... a lot!) skeptical, I nerded out on all the science too!

More than anything, today we want to share how you can do it too with these life- changing practices.

If you've tried meditation before and it hasn't worked out for you, or if you know you want to get this life-changing habit right from the get-go, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as an effortless meditator could look like.

Give yourself first-hand experience of the freedom that your personal meditation habit  can give you and the tangible benefits of better sleep, more focus, less stress and being able to consciously regulate your emotional reactions in this uncertain, ever-changing world. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation and play full out, I guarantee that these habits will noticeably change your life. 

I hope to meet you inside MEDITATION: UNLOCKED. 

With gratitude,

Niraj Shah

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$597.00 $247.00